When great people and great companies come together, amazing potential can be realized.

Our mission is to facilitate the hiring of top talent required to ensure:

  • Your customers are successfully adopting your technology
  • Subscriptions/contracts are renewed at optimal rates
  • Revenues with your existing customers are expanded

We have sat in your seat -- we have deep industry expertise, built from decades of experience.  We know what top talent looks like.

We facilitate an integrity-based recruiting process resulting in peace of mind for you and your new hire.


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what you can expect from us:


Help You Refine Search Criteria

We help you define the skills and experience that will move the needle on business performance. For example, if you are hiring a Head of Customer Success, let's first discuss the charter of Customer Success so you hire the right skills and experience to accomplish your goals.

We leverage our industry expertise to help you refine your job description based on trends we are seeing across the industry.

Differentiate You as an Employer

This is a candidate-driven job market. 

We take the time to understand your company's strengths that will be attractive to top talent, including  culture, growth opportunities, leadership values, etc.  

We strive to be the best listeners in your life -- your sounding board -- in order to differentiate your company in this candidate-driven market. 

Rich Source of Candidates

The talent in this niche is in high demand -- and we know where to find them. They are not on job boards, but rather, they are busy contributing to their current employers. We have a recruiting process that draws top talent to our company. We have relationships with top talent across the industry and we talk with new candidates EVERY DAY.

Diverse Slate of Candidates

Studies have quantitatively confirmed that diverse leadership teams contribute to better company performance.  So we expend extra effort to create a diverse slate of candidates for your review. 

Real-time Communication

We understand you are eager to find top talent, so you can expect regular, real-time communication on the status of your search. And we provide a status report at the end of each week. 

Follow Up

We follow up with you as well as the candidates you hire to guarantee your satisfaction.  Ask us about our replacement guarantee -- you will see that we stand by our service.


We Can Introduce You to Top Talent

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